BMW refueled a car Air Force style while drifting

BMW refueled a car while drifting. The stunt was part of an attempt to beat the longest drift in eight hours. BMW set the record in 2013 at 51.278 miles. They broke that record by 143 miles. Drifting a total of 232.5 miles.

Typically cars are outfitted with larger gas tanks to break the drifting record. The rules also allow the car to stop and refuel. But BMW thought that was boring. BMW decided to refuel the car mid-drift. They pulled inspiration from fighter jets. They call the method car-to-car refuelling. A custom fuelling system was built for the stunt. The refuelling car pumped 18 gallons of gas in 50 seconds. The biggest obstacle was connecting the fuel hose mid-drift.

Unlike a fighter jet, they used a person to fuel the car. It took three people to complete the task. The refueler hung out of the car via a safety tether. There was a slim margin for error. They practiced the stunt multiple times before their record-breaking attempt. During the attempt, they refueled five times.

BMW broke two Guinness World Records:

1. Longest Vehicle Drift in 8 hours

2. Longest Twin Vehicle Drift.

Who needs a gas station?