This beautiful BMW concept brings the company's most beloved car into the future

BMWA BMW 2002 and the new ‘2002 Hommage’ concept car.

BMW has released a concept vehicle that hearkens back to its legendary 02 series, which turns 50 this year.

The 02 series is a particularly important one for BMW. Produced from 1966 through 1977, it assured the Bavarian carmaker’s success after years of struggle following the Second World War, and introduced many of the styling cues which still appear on every BMW today.

The most beloved of these — and certainly one of the most popular BMW cars in history — is the 2002 Turbo. The concept car, restyled in a nod to the 2002 Turbo, is called the 2002 Hommage.

BMW released renderings of the new concept to mark the 50th anniversary of the 02 series, and the car is almost certainly not intended for a production run. Still, like many concept cars it can give hints at the styling motifs for the next generation of BMWs.

'Exactly 50 years ago, the 02 range kick-started an era of success for BMW,' Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design, said in a release about the new concept.


'The 2002 sat at the top of the range and was the first series-produced car anywhere in Europe to come with turbo technology. That set the seal on the coupe as a genuine sports car.'

Wikimedia Commons

'At the same time, the 2002 turbo was at the technological vanguard of engine development at BMW. The BMW 2002 Hommage is our way of raising a glass to all these achievements.'

The 2002 Hommage includes several nods to the 2002 turbo, like flared fenders, classic yellow headlamps, and BMW's iconic racing colours.


At the rear, the square tail lights, along with the logo placed to the right of the licence plate, are also borrowed from the classic 2002 Turbo.


Here's the concept drawing for the car. We're sorry those wheels didn't make it on to the final car.


The 2002 Hommage is not unusual for BMW -- they have done the same thing for several of their classic models, including this 328 Hommage concept in 2011.


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