Wall Street's former Queen of commodities just made her pitch for why Bitcoin is the future

Blythe MastersAP PhotoThatBlythe Masters, CEO of Digital Asset Holdings, wants to see Bitcoin technology used in markets

Bitcoin technology could reshape the way financial markets operate.

That is according to Blythe Master, the chief executive of Digital Asset Holdings, and one of the biggest names in the business.

Speaking Tuesday at SourceMedia’s Convene conference in midtown Manhattan, Masters said: “The potential addressable markets for these types of technologies are gigantic.”

Everything from stock to bonds and derivatives could be exchanged and paid for in the same way the cryptocurrency community is executing bitcoin transactions, Masters said.

Still, it is early on. Masters compared where Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are now in terms of their development to early 1990s Internet.

“In reality, the world is not there yet,” Masters said. She said the industry would have to address regulatory hurdles as it confronts issues like authentication and security in coming years.

Masters was one of a group of JPMorgan executives who helped create the market for credit default swaps in the 1990s, and later went to head its global commodities division.

She left the bank in late 2014 after the physical commodities business was sold to Mercuria, and in March became one of the biggest names on Wall Street to join the fast-growing cryptocurrency sector when she took the post at Digital Asset Holdings.

She was named chief executive of Digital Asset Holdings in March and took a role with Santander Consumer USA, a leading auto lender in the U.S, earlier this month.

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