Meet The Hedge Fund Manager/Movie Producer Who Lost $500 Million Last Week


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So far the biggest loser of the commodities dump is BlueGold Capital Management.Pierre Andurand’s $2.4 billion fund lost 20% last week, or $500 million, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The losses are rough (his are the worst yet. Clive Capital lost $400 million.) but Andurand plans to ride it out. He is staying bullish on crude, predicting that oil will hit $180 per barrel.

Who is Andurand?

A french trader with a thing for Asia, movies, and swimming.

For school, Andurand got his Master’s Degree in International Finance from HEC, Paric, and a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from INSA, Toulouse.

Then he started his career in finance in 2000 at Goldman in Singapore, where he was an energy trader. He also traded energy at Vitol and Bank of America. He founded BlueGold in 2008.


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Lucky for him, if oil doesn’t bounce back, Andurand has a fall back career in Hollywood.Andurand was the executive producer of the movie Dance of the Dragon, starring Singapore’s most famous female actress, Fann Wong. Check out the photo of him and her at right. He’s the director of Shangri La, a Chinese movie production company.

He’s also a great swimmer. He was on the French junior national swimming team in 1993 and 1994. 

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