BlueChilli's New Corporate Fund Will Sink $300,000 Into Four Startups Which Connect People

BlueChilli founder and CEO Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin. Image: Supplied.

Sydney-based incubator BlueChilli and accelerator Entsquared have partnered to launch a new corporate innovation program, offering $300,000 split between four new startups.

The partnership, called [email protected], is searching for startups focused on human connections operating on mobile devices and applications open today.

Each startup will be allocated $75,000 and a six month spot in the BlueChilli accelerator program.

BlueChilli CEO Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin said the [email protected] program was a corporate innovation program which would connect large-scale corporates with startups in Australia.

“By partnering with VCs and large corporates, we are not only able to provide the cash required to get these startups scaled rapidly and effectively, but we can also bring together the disruptive style of thinking and work into traditionally heavily structured workplaces,” Eckersley-Maslin said.

“In this case, following the incubation period, our corporate partner will provide the startup with internal resources and assistance to leverage their infrastructure and further scale the product.”

Entsquared originally approached BlueChilli in a bid to fill the gap between startups and corporates.

“There are certainly big opportunities for Australian startups to solve real challenges being faced by large corporates and in the process, leverage partnerships with those corporates as a key part of the startup’s growth plans,” Entsquared director Bob McKinnon said.

“Innovation in Australia will be significantly accelerated by bridging this gap.”

Online applications close January 16, 2015, with the top 10 announced on January 23.

Finalists will be put through pitch and strategy training before presenting to a judging panel in February.

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