BlueChilli Has Snagged Deutsche Bank's Steven Skala As Its Chairman

Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin (centre) with Tony Burrett (left) and Alan Jones.

Venture technology investment company BlueChilli has gone to the mainstream business world for its new chairman, Steven Skala, Deutsche Bank’s vice chair.

The three-year-old BlueChilli is about to start exiting on some of the 30 startups it has helped with technical support, seed capital and coaching.

Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin, CEO of BlueChilli, says he’s been trying to get Skala on the board for almost two years.

Skala, a director for a range of companies including investment group Wilson HTM and the ABC, says he will be a hands-on chairman.

“I’ve always believed in harnessing technology for the good; I’ve always liked the notion of giving vent to possibility and that we’re only limited by our imaginations,” Mr Skala told the Australian Financial Review.

Skala, who will also help with BlueChilli’s corporate advisory service, said established organisations are increasingly aware of the need to take on and harness technological disruption more vigorously.

“Many of the directors and executives I know are talking about where these ideas come from and what they mean,” Mr Skala said.

“It would be terrible if large and wonderful Australian organisations squandered the possibility, and just got run over by technology change. We’ve seen it before; it’ll happen again.”

There’s more of the Australian Financial review interview here.

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