The best ocean documentary series ever made is coming back -- and released a video featuring new music by Radiohead

To find the most alien environments and otherworldly life imaginable, we just need to look at the oceans that cover more than 70% of our planet.

The upcoming BBC Earth documentary series Blue Planet II will likely provide a breathtaking look at that underwater world — and you can watch an introductory video for the series now (the YouTube video is embedded below).

The prequel video features new music by Radiohead and Hans Zimmer, along with footage that won’t be available anywhere else — not even on the episodes of the show.

Check it out:

Pretty stunning, right?

The original “Blue Planet” aired in 2001 and is still one of the most fascinating nature documentaries you can find (it’s on our list of the best science documentaries available to watch on Netflix).

But as narrator Sir David Attenborough  — the famed voice of “Blue Planet,” “Life,” and “Planet Earth” — says in the video above: “A generation ago, the series ‘The Blue Planet’ took us beneath the waves. But now we know so much more … New science and new technology allow us to voyage further and deeper than ever before.”

The journey in this short video alone is impressive, with footage of newly hatched turtles clambering towards the sea, dolphins jumping above waves, and deep-water creatures that exist in places sunlight never penetrates.

“The fact that this TV series is coming out at the moment — I hope — rekindles our love of the oceans and our desire to understand really our relationship to them, it’s one of like, this is bigger than you, bigger than you,” Radiohead singer Thom Yorke says in another video. In that, he discusses the song playing in the prequel, called “(ocean) bloom,” a collaboration between Radiohead and Hans Zimmer.

Blue Planet II will be comprised of seven episodes. There’s no official premiere date yet, but it will air on BBC One in the UK later this year and on BBC America in 2018.

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