People are obsessed with this new blue latte

Blue latteFacebook/Matcha MylkbarUnfortunately, there’s no coffee in this latte.

Just when you thought the craze behind Starbucks’ rainbow drinks was starting to die down, a new colourful beverage has caught Instagram by storm. 

Within a week of being created, the “Smurf coffee” from Australia’s Matcha Mylkbar started a new food frenzy on Instagram. 

The weird latte actually does not contain any caffeine or even coffee, and gets its pale blue colour from a surprising ingredient: blue algae powder. 

According to The Guardian, the drink also contains ginger, lemon, coconut milk, and agave. It’s also said to smell slightly of seaweed. 

While the photogenic drink is not on the menu, the vegan café has sold over 100 of the lattes over the weekend, thanks to its hype on Instagram. 

Australia is known for its trailblazing coffee concoctions, including the flat white and Australian iced coffee, which substitutes milk with ice cream. Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne is no stranger to creating unique, coffee-like drinks, as they also serve mushroom and beetroot lattes.

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