Blue-Chip Advertisers Avoiding Don Imus Like Plague

No word yet on how Don Imus‘ current advertisers feel about his latest potentially racist remarks, but many of the big ones horrified by his “nappy-headed hos” comment on CBS have never come back. And it’s hard to see how they’ll be eager to do so now.

AdAge: Don Imus is once again under scrutiny for making racially charged remarks on his “Imus in the Morning” program, but it doesn’t appear it will make a difference to advertisers this time around. The last media storm the shock jock created prompted advertisers such as Procter & Gamble and General Motors to pull their ad spending from CBS Radio and MSNBC, where his show also appeared. But his new gig at Citadel Communications’ ABC Radio Networks has yet to attract any of those major advertisers…

Natalie Swed Stone, who heads radio buying at Omnicom Group’s OMD for major radio spenders such as McDonald’s and JC Penney, said her clients have not been actively involved with “Imus in the Morning” since it returned to the ABC airwaves in December. “What clients will perceive, they’ll see the media coverage and they’re not going to know the detail, they’ll see there’s some controversy and consider Imus controversial,” she said. “The more press a personality gets, the more challenging it can become to put them on a plan.” [Yes, the last thing JC Penney wants is to be associated with a “controversial” figure like Don Imus. It’s much better to be taken down by a fake viral ad endorsing teen sex.]

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