$2 billion Blue Apron, a startup that's a godsend for lazy cooks, will now deliver wine to your door

Blue-ApronBlue ApronBlue Apron cofounders Matthew Wadiak, Matt Salzberg, and Ilia Papas.

Blue Apron, a $US2 billion company that wants to make cooking easy by sending you perfect portions of ingredients in a box with a recipe, is now expanding its offerings to deliver wine too.

The wine delivery service is called Blue Apron Wine. Every month you’ll get six 500-milliliter bottles of wine — about two-thirds the size of a normal bottle of wine — delivered to your door.

Per month, each Blue Apron Wine delivery consisting of six bottles costs $US65.99 plus tax, and shipping is included. In addition to the wine itself, you’ll also get tasting cards and notes about how to pair the wine with upcoming Blue Apron meals.

The wines are selected to pair with Blue Apron’s meals, which run about $US10 a pop. The company tells Reuters it will buy wines straight from vineyards, and the wines will be made just for Blue Apron. To start, Blue Apron says it will deliver wine to 27 US states, and will expand its delivery options to more states where alcohol delivery is legal.

“Wine pairings have been a top request from our home chefs since we launched, and we’re excited about the opportunity to complement our Blue Apron meals with incredible wines,” Blue Apron CEO Matt Salzberg said in a statement this morning

With Blue Apron, you can elect to receive 3 meals a week, in portions designed to serve 2, 4, or 6 people. Once a week, you receive your big box of premeasured ingredients, along with a recipe card that tells you how to make each meal.

Salzberg told Business Insider earlier this year that Blue Apron is selling more than 3 million meals every month. In the past six months, Blue Apron says, it’s tripled in size. Salzberg says Blue Apron has over 1800 employees and “hundreds of thousands” of customers.

Blue Apron is a subscription service, so the company knows exactly how much food it needs to order every week. This lets the company minimise waste and keep costs down. Salzberg says Blue Apron is different from other services — companies like Plated and HelloFresh — because its supply chain is the most efficient. “We’re the only company in the US doing what we do at scale,” he says. “We have a real focus on supply chain and on working deeply with our suppliers.”

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