Blu-ray Wins Format War, Loses At Retail

What if someone won a big format war and consumers didn’t care? That’s what Sony (SNE) is facing in light of new Blu-ray player sales figures from NPD Group.

The firm says sales of Blu-ray players cratered 40% between January and February, and then rose a smidgen (2%) in March — lousy numbers considering Bu-ray won the format war in February.

Even worse: actual sales numbers are so low, NPD isn’t releasing them for fear of outing specific retailers.

This comes a week after an ABI Research study that said consumers can’t tell the difference between Blu-ray and a standard DVD, especially those who use “upconverting” DVD players and don’t have the highest-end TVs.

Cost of Blu-ray player: $300. Upconverting DVD: $70.

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