Volunteering In America Is At Its Lowest Level In At Least A Decade

Just 25.4% of Americans spent time as volunteers in 2013, reported the Bureau of Labour Statistics today. This is less than in any other year in the last decade.

“The volunteer rates for both men and women (22.2 per cent and 28.4 per cent, respectively) declined the year ending in September 2013,” the BLS said in its report. “Women continued to volunteer at a higher rate than did men across all age groups, educational levels, and other major demographic characteristics.”

Every year since 2002, the BLS has published statistics on various aspects of volunteering. Each September, the Bureau asks respondents to the Current Population Survey about their volunteer activities.

26.5% of Americans spent at least some time volunteering in 2012. Recent levels are quite a bit lower than the 28.8% rate from 2003-2005.

Here is the overall volunteer rate among all Americans:

Bls volunteer overall