Here Are The Botched Calls From The Heat-Pacers Game That Have The NBA World In A Tizzy

lebron james pacers foul out

Poor officiating in last night’s Heat-Pacers Game 4 is the talk of the NBA world this morning.

There were 55 fouls in total, LeBron James fouled out, and a couple shaky calls in the fourth quarter completely turned the momentum of the game. 

The NBA is reportedly reviewing all the questionable calls. But the damage is already done — officiating has become the story at the worst possible time.

First thing’s first, there is no conspiracy here.

While some Twitter people think last night’s foul-fest was a result of the NBA rigging things so they could have a long series, the officiating wasn’t biased, it was just bad.

In fact, the most egregious call of the game went against the Pacers, and nearly tilted the entire game.

Indiana was up 81-72 with 8:30 to go when they were called for a shot-clock violation. It was awful. Roy Hibbert’s floater clearly hit the rim — which should have reset the shot clock and kept possession with the Pacers.

Amazing, none of the refs saw the ball hit the rim, so they couldn’t change the call.

Here’s the video:

That botched call changed the entire flow of the game. The Heat went on a 12-2 run immediately after the call, and later got the lead.

The second big blown call was this moving screen foul on LeBron with 56 seconds left.

It fouled him out of the game:

These sorts of screen happen all the time, and never get called. If the refs called a moving screen every time a screener jutted out his leg a little bit, everyone would foul out by the fourth quarter.

The final bad call came with the Heat down 96-92 with 27 seconds left.

Dwyane Wade was called for a travel. Initially, it looked like an obvious travel. But upon further review, you can see that he hesitates but holds his pivotal foot. He doesn’t take an extra step:

There were other calls — a technical on Paul George, LeBron’s 5th foul where he appeared to go straight-up — but these three are what have people grumbling today.

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