A Doctor's Tips On How To Avoid A New Year's Day Hangover

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Here’s a tip.

Bloomberg spoke to a doctor about the best way to remedy a New Year’s day hangover.

There was the usual, the best way to avoid a hangover is to not get drunk method. But let’s face it, most likely, that’s just not going to happen.

The lessons we gleaned are:

  1. DON’T drink coffee. It will dehydrate you.
  2. DO go to the gym – because the body gets rid of alcohol by breathing (who knew?) and sweating (as well as via the liver and kidney.
  3. DON’T adhere to the hair of the dog maxim. It will make you feel worse.

A few tips from our own book: Eat a big dinner (protein helps). Stick to one type of drink. And drink TONS of water. Put a water bottle full of it next to your nightstand and drink it before you go to bed. 

We should add, we rarely find the avoid-a-hangover-altogether-by-taking-it-easy suggestion very convincing, but this line from Dr. Don’t Drink wasn’t a bad scare tactic: “A hangover is brain damage. Some of it is going to heal, and some will be permanent.”

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