Bloomberg's head of mobile is leaving to launch a new startup

Oke Okaro headshottwitter.comOke Okaro, formerly of Bloomberg LP

Bloomberg’s head of mobile is on the move — he’s leaving the company to pursue a new venture.

It’s unclear what that is, however.

Oke Okaro, who served for more than five years at Michael Bloomberg’s media company, has left the building, according to a source — and, now his social media profiles. It appears that the change in title has come over the last seven days.

Business Insider reached out to Bloomberg LP and a representative declined to comment.

Lately, Bloomberg LP has seen some staff shake-ups, from the departure of anchor Trish Regan to the addition, prior to that, of BI former editor Joe Weisenthal.

The former New York City mayor has been active in the company he launched since leaving office at the end of 2013; overhauling staff plans and weighing in on management decisions and — according to one report — renting out even more space in New York, to go along with its spacious headquarters.

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