Bloomberg Reporters Aren't Allowed To Use The Word 'But'

Bloomberg’s Editor-In-Chief Matthew Winkler has released the 25th anniversary edition of “The Bloomberg Way.”

The style book is full of rules for Bloomberg’s reporters and editors.

Some of the guidelines are unique to the news organisation, particularly Winkler’s ban of the word “but.”

“Clauses that start with although, but, despite or however often confuse more than clarify, because the words connect dissimilar ideas in a single sentence,” Winkler writes.

Instead, his solution is to break up the sentences into shorter ones.

The bow-tie wearing editor is also known for his disdain for adjectives and adverbs. He writes that they should be avoided.

“Show, don’t tell is a simple rule for writing well,” Winkler writes. “Rely on facts, anecdotes and examples, rather than characterizations and modifiers, to convince readers and listeners that we were there or know what we write is true.”

He goes on to write, “The best reporter assembles the details, anecdotes and comments and then let the readers decide who’s right, wrong, guilty or innocent. They don’t rely on phrases such as raises questions or raises eyebrows.”

The newest edition of “The Bloomberg Way” is currently available on Amazon Kindle. Hard copies will come out at a later date.

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