BLOOMBERG: And Now We're Going To Kill CNBC

Women of BloombergFiercely independent and rational Bloomberg anchor Lizzie O’Leary.

The second-richest and most powerful media company in the world*, Bloomberg LLC, has announced the next phase in its global world-domination plan:Killing financial TV giant CNBC.

Bloomberg’s new marketing push paints CNBC as the home of yelling polemicists — and Bloomberg as the font of rationality.

“We want to be the most influential business television station there is,” Trevor Fellows, the head of ad sales for the Bloomberg Media Group tells the NYT.  “Television has become the home for radical opinions,” Mr. Fellows said. “We’re fiercely independent, fiercely rational.”

Fellows adds that advertisers “like the idea of rationality.” And that’s probably true. But it remains to be seen whether viewers do.

Bloomberg’s TV “product” has indeed improved by leaps and bounds over the past few years, and it’s a staple on the walls of our office–along with CNBC, FBN, FOX, CNN, and, of course, ESPN.

From a financial perspective, CNBC would be a rounding error on Bloomberg’s gigantic global terminal business. But from a viewership perspective, CNBC’s still king.

CNBC is watched by an average of about 217,000 people from 6am to noon, Nielsen says. It’s those folks that Bloomberg is going after.

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* Google’s the richest and most powerful media company in the world.

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