Bloomberg TVs Deirdre Bolton Spills On Breakfast, Rude People And Where She Goes To Be Alone

deirdre bolton

Photo: Bloomberg TV

Arguably the sexiest part of Wall Street goes on outside of banks, in alternative asset management. And that’s what Bloomberg TV’s Deirdre Bolton discusses 5 days a week at 1 pm on her show ‘Money Moves.’

Her topic can be tough to crack sometimes. Bolton talks to the type of financiers that have secret strategies and awesome private lives. She does a wonderful job with it, so we handed her our survey.

Name: Deirdre Bolton

Hometown: Newtown, PA

Where did you go to school?: University of Iowa for undergrad, NYU for grad school

What was your proudest day at work?: Very recently! I launched my new show– which covers alternative assets– called “MoneyMoves,” airing weekdays at 1pm ET.  I had thought about the concept for a while, then I pitched it to Bloomberg TV executives and am now thrilled to be able to work on it every day.

What was your biggest screw up at work?: I’m lucky enough to have a fabulous team and we are able to all keep each other on track, so we make mistakes but what happens in our team, stays in our team–and so far, off air!

favourite Book?: Lots of candidates but since “How to be Good” by Nick Hornby popped into my head first, I’ll go with that one

What’s sitting on your nightstand right now?: A reading light, an iPhone charger, a water bottle, a few books (“Currency Wars” by Jim Rickards, “Guns, Germs & Steel” by Jared Diamond, a few novels from various time periods 19th Century to present) and some miscellaneous papers and cards that I keep saying I will organise.

What’s your pet peeve?: Interacting with unmannerly people.

favourite place to be alone?: Central Park

favourite place/person to get advice?: Depending on the topic: the Bloomberg TV newsroom, my husband, 3 very different and equally fabulous friends and a lovely Philadelphia-based aunt.

What do you eat for breakfast?: Oatmeal, waffles, fruit, toast, yogurt (not all on the same day!). And 1 constant: a large sized strong coffee.

What’s your favourite way to get some exercise?: Almost anything outdoors

Who’s your best friend at work?: There are a few smart, talented people to whom I grateful on a daily basis — mostly for making me laugh.

Wall Street Journal or Financial Times?: Both, though I go to first if that counts.

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