Bloomberg TV's Stephanie Ruhle Tells Us Why She Likes To Be Alone In The Bathtub

Stephanie Ruhle

Photo: Courtesy of Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg TV’s Stephanie Ruhle, a former managing director at Deutsche Bank, has become a star at the financial news network. She was one of the first reporters to write about the so-called “London Whale,” the JPMorgan credit derivatives trader at the centre of the bank’s recent multi-billion dollar losses.  

We asked her to take our Clusterstock questionnaire.  Check out her responses below.   

Name: Stephanie Ruhle

Hometown: Park Ridge, NJ home of the fighting owls!

Birthday: December 24th, Christmas Eve

Sign: Capricorn

Personal Motto: I’ve done worse for less

Where did you go to school? Lehigh University (with a few academic study abroad pit stops in Kenya, Guatemala & Italy)

What was your first job? Lifeguard (you look active, when in reality you just sit around all day)

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? I realised pretty quickly that I wasn’t going to be a Solid Gold Dancer… so I decided I wanted to work overseas, doing something in the markets. I knew following this path would allow me to achieve my dream of spending time abroad and allow me to become financially independent, which is massively empowering.

What was your proudest day at work?  During my banking career, there isn’t one particular day that stands out – I’m more proud of my incredible professional journey and accomplishments over the years. It was also amazing to have been at the forefront of the credit derivatives markets and boom in hedge funds during this historic time in the markets. I am the **most** proud of driving women’s’ initiatives and helping move the needle for women in the industry.

In my new adventures in business television, I’m still waiting for my on-air moment of glory, but so far it has been working with the incredible Bloomberg News machine breaking the London Whale story. The talent and integrity at Bloomberg is unparalleled.

What was your biggest screw up at work?  On TV, I’m not sure I’ve hit it yet, but when I do – I’m confident Business Insider will catch it.

On Wall Street-I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning. I was in such a rush to get in the mix and be in the middle of things, I didn’t spend enough time learning the fundamentals. When you realise you’ve got a trade break 3 days late because you mixed up trading Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise and they trade over 100 basis points apart, there’s NO ONE willing to help you patch up that mistake.

favourite Book?  “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues,” by Tom Robbins

What do you collect (by accident or design)? I’m a collector of humans- I’m a big believer in “it takes a village.” Companies devote so much effort to creating the perfect corporate boards. I think people should have advisory boards.  Amazing people are my prize collection.

What can’t you leave home without? My 3 cell phones – 2 blackberries & an iPhone and of course my red glasses!

What’s sitting on your nightstand right now? Connect 4 (travel edition), a deck of cards, Hollywood Reporter & an alarm clock set at 3:45AM!

What’s your pet peeve?  Apathy (I’m comfortable with love and hate. I’ve got no time for nothing.)

favourite place to be alone?  The bathtub (it’s the only place children and blackberries are not welcome)

favourite place/person to get advice?  My mother & sister – my brutally critical, biggest fans. I learned a long time ago – never go prom dress shopping with your girlfriends & don’t ask your husband to help you price options models. Only your mother and sister will tell you that you are awful and incredible in the same breath and actually mean it.

What do you eat for breakfast? Erik Schatzker’s lunch

What’s your favourite way to get some exercise? I wish I had a Kelly Ripa SoulCycle, hydro pilates, Bikram yoga answer….but the real answer is, I try to take the stairs versus the escalator and call it a day.

Wall Street Journal or Financial Times?  Neither – I’m all Bloomberg, all the time.  Throw in a little Page 6 & Vanity Fair and you’ve hit my trifecta.

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