Bloomberg TV Just Fired 30 People

Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg TV just cut 30 reporters, producers, associate producers, editors and other staffers so they can hire 13 staffers with digital video skills, TV Newser reports.

One of the notable personalities that has now left the organisation is West Coast reporter Cris Valerio. She was the host of the now defunct weekly show “Venture.”

This is a sign that Bloomberg TV is shifting its focus to digital platforms like smart phones, tablets etc. They’ve been working toward this, says TV Newser, since they hired Andrew Morseas head of Bloomberg TV last summer. He was formerly at ABC News.

It may also be a sign that Bloomberg is getting tired of the TV business losing hundreds of millions of dollars a year, which it has reportedly done for the last several years.

Here’s Morse’s note to the staff (from TV Newser):

Today we have made some changes to the structure of the U.S. TV editorial operation that will allow us to expand our production of digital video for all of our platforms.

At the core of this new structure will be our newly formed Digital Video Desk that will work to leverage our video assets across all platforms, with a substantial focus on on-line and mobile.

We have redefined responsibilities for some of our colleagues and we will be adding new positions to take on new challenges. Unfortunately, we have also had to remove some positions that are no longer aligned with digital news gathering and production.

This is all part of an overdue strategic repositioning to more closely integrate what happens on air with content we are creating for our expanding and innovative digital products.


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