OFFICE TOUR: Behind The Scenes At Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg TV

Last week we got a special-access, behind the scenes tour of Bloomberg TV.

Bloomberg runs a very smooth (high security) operation on 59th and Lexington, and the TV newsroom is an efficient and streamlined place.

The reporters we spoke with were very friendly and on top of their game, as they juggled filing, going on air, and tweeting.

It’s a fast-paced, cool place so needless to say we took a lot of photos.

The Bloomberg curved escalator, one of two in the world

Entering the TV newsroom

Betty Liu getting ready on set

And reviewing last minute notes

Erik Shatzker is desk neighbours with Carol Massar

Carol herself

Lizzie O'Leary just came back from 7 weeks in the Gulf coast, and was going back the next day

Adam Johnson tweeting while getting ready to go on-air

Bloomberg uses the entire newsroom as a set

These doors slide open so the cameraman can follow the anchors around the newsroom

Another cool view of those doors

The cameramen have got them covered

Sara Eisen gives a winning smile

Scarlet Fu on camera in the newsroom

Looks like the rest of the newsroom has gotten used to ignoring the camera crews

There's Jon Erlichman back at his desk where he was just filming

The set ready for another piece

Gigi Stone

These ladies don't lose their concentration

Julianna Goldman and Margaret Brennan

The epitome of an open newsroom

The view up from the TV floor

Off-camera folks producing and editing

A funky couch on the way out

More modernist elements

Sometimes segments are filmed with this backdrop

Another view of that escalator on our way out

They do their best to recycle

Now meet all the women of Bloomberg TV...

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