Check Out Pictures Of Bloomberg's Spectacular Offices (That They've Already Outgrown!)

bloomberg offices

Bloomberg LP, the most successful tech company ever started in New York City, announced that it is leasing more than 400,000 square feet of additional office space at 120 Park Avenue in New York to accommodate its mind-boggling growth.

The company employs 11,000 people around the world, and more than 6,500 people in New York, up 1,805 employees since 2008.

Bloomberg expects to begin occupying the new offices in late 2011 after renovations.

We can only imagine how spectacular the place will be — earlier this year, Business Insider toured Bloomberg’s gorgeous headquarters at 731 Lexington Ave. in New York, where they occupied floors 1-29 of the 55 story building.

Photo were taken — the new offices have a lot to live up to.

Come with us on a tour of Bloomberg’s headquarters →

Bloomberg's HQ is on the Upper East side, so take the subway to the 59th Street and Lexington stop.

The building is on Lexington Ave. You can't miss the office, the Bloomberg name is imprinted on a giant column out front. Michael Bloomberg is fond of putting his name on things.

It's 55 stories high. The top half of the building, which is residential, has seen Beyonce, Johnny Damon, and Jack Welch as tenants.

So we surreptitiously took this photo. When you arrive at Bloomberg, check in with these people at the desk. They message whoever you're there to see. You get a pass and then you're on your way.

Above the elevators are big colour coded blocks telling you when your elevator has arrived.

To the sixth floor!

Step off the elevator and you see Bloomberg terminal screens spinning around and around. It's quite hypnotic. All part of Bloomberg's attempt to brainwash its employees. KIDDING!

Turn the corner and you can see a big open space, which is central to the headquarters.

But first say hello to Bloomberg's fish! Big tank filled with them. Here's one blue fella.

This big digital screen has messages running across it. We're not really sure why.

We went to take a photo out the window and down to the ground, but security stopped us. Oh yeah, there's security all over the place.

Ah yes, the snack bar! What modern office is complete without one of these?

The snack bar has some bulk food items, Bloomberg is trying to cut down on waste.

And it has composting. How very green, no?

Mike Bloomberg is famous for sticking all his employees elbow to elbow with no cubicles in order to create a trading floor atmosphere. You might wonder: Where is everyone? Lore also has it that Bloomberg people are scared to leave their desks for fear of reprisal from their bosses.

Hanging from the ceiling are stats about the terminals. Bloomberg's looking pretty good for the month, with 520 net installs when we visited.

The Bloomberg terminal is one of the biggest social networks in the world, as evidenced by all the messages being delivered across the platform.

Bloomberg is a pretty quiet place, even though everyone is crammed together.

Hey there! It's Bloomberg's CTO Shawn Edwards. He's in charge of the largest private network in the world, and it's his job to keep everything operating smoothly on the back end.

The two screen terminal logo. Behind there is a conference room. All the conference rooms in Bloomberg have glass walls for people to see into. Transparency!

See? Open for all to checkout.

Inside one conference room we went to, there was a fancy table. We're told it's not just a table, it's art!

And what's that? Why, it's the ubiquitous Bloomberg keyboard.

Our favourite thing in Bloomberg by far is the curved escalator. How often do you ride one of these? If you're at Bloomberg it's daily. Also, you can peep some of the TV studios in the background.

Bloomberg swears up and down this insane spiral seating arrangement is comfortable. We didn't bother testing it, because it just looks too darn uncomfortable.

This is just pretty. A nice lighting setup.

Have we mentioned that the offices feel very sleek and fancy?

Bloomberg has little closets located at various spots throughout the office. For some reason it reminds us of grade school.

What, your office doesn't have an ATM in it?

If you're looking for Big Brotherish stuff at Bloomberg, you could note this sort of signage. As you wait for the elevator you're being told to eat vegetables. Other signs encourage exercise.

When you leave the office, you're in a sweet spot to do some shopping! Bloomingdale's is right down the street from Bloomberg. There's also a Banana Republic and H&M right there.

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