Bloomberg Stayed At One of Prince Charles' Estates And He Did Not Care For It

Michael Bloomberg Queen Elizabeth

Photo: AP Photo

Michael Bloomberg has very close ties to London. The New York Times has a great feature out this morning on just how close now that he’s building an impressive building for Bloomberg LP there.For several years the NYC Mayor has had a $20 million residence in the city, donated to its charities, met with its celebrities and politicians, and even befriended royalty.

In fact, the NYT reports, Bloomberg was even a guest at Prince Charles’ estate in Scotland. Pretty impressive right? Not for the billionaire Mayor of NYC. He’d rather sleep on his private jet.

From NYT:

Even the Royal Family was in his sights. Mr. Bloomberg once spent a night at Prince Charles’s home in Scotland, known as Birkhall. The mayor, who keeps luxurious homes himself, later told an aide to Mr. Johnson he had been unimpressed: “Won’t stay there again,” he said, of the vast estate.

Mr. Bloomberg has held parties at his two-story apartment on exclusive Cadogan Square, although his mayoralty makes it hard to spend a lot of time there: Bermuda is a two-hour flight, but a trip to London would leave him less than prepared in an emergency. Nowadays, he often spends less than 24 hours at a time in London, preferring to sleep on his private jet.

The royal treatment — not enough for a man who rides the subway every day.

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