Bloomberg's Controversial, Expensive Coney Island Renovation Pays Off In Best Summer In 46 Years

mayor bloomberg

Coney Island just announced its highest traffic summer in 46 years, with 14 million visitors, according to NY Observer.

For Michael Bloomberg, who led controversial renovations at Coney Island over the past decade, this marks a big victory.

Bloomberg has been trying to renovate Coney Island since 2003, when he arranged for a development company, Thor Equity, to buy land and develop a large-scale tourist attraction. This turned into a fiasco, as the new developer, Joe Sitt, and the mayor feuded over development plans. Finally, the mayor bought back the land from Sitt for $96 million.

All along, locals complained the mayor would ruin the historical site, turning into some kind of corporate Disney World.

But when Bloomberg’s Luna Park finally opened this summer, the crowds loved it. Luna Park said today it will stay open through October.

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