A Bloomberg Editor Flew All The Way To Prague To Yell At Two Employees

Flickr/Antonio MCThis is high pressure.

Bloomberg editor Dan Moss flew from his DC office to Prague to yell at two editors for making a mistake, says the NY Post.

The Prague based editors, Jeffery Donovan and Alan Crosby had posted a headline about the Czech Central Bank one minute before an embargo on their story was lifted.

From the NY Post:

We’re told Moss “screeched and screamed through the DC newsroom and said he was going to Prague to fire the editors.” He immediately got on a plane, reprimanded the journos and flew home.

Donovan and Crosby were fired.

This seems harsh, but it’s a huge deal. Bloomberg’s ability to give their clients instant access to data depends on Bloomberg having instant access to data, and that depends on Bloomberg being a totally trusted holder of said data if they have it before it comes out.

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