Bloomberg Businessweek Is Trying To Shame Millennials Into Moving Out Of Their Parents House

bloomberg business week move out cardJust one of many sweet, motivational e-cards.

Bloomberg Businessweek has a new promotional campaign that it hopes will jumpstart the economy: Shaming millennials into moving out of their mum and dad’s house.

“Not exactly the kind of co-habitating they expected in their 20s.”

Parents, friends, family, and significant others are encouraged to send their loved ones (well, for now at least) shaming online gift cards that provide 12 free issues of the magazine¬†along with a “motivational” message.

Like: “Spoiler alert: You end up middle aged and single.”

We’ve collected the funniest, and truest, messages.

Bloomberg Businessweek begins its campaign with the statistic: 22.6 million 18-34 year olds are still living at home.

So it has made a series of e-gift cards parents, significant others, friends, and more can send to their struggling millennial.

In a language they can understand.

Rife with pop culture references.

The concept revolves around shaming.

In a very unsubtle way.

The card along 12 free issues of Bloomberg Businessweek ...

... is hopefully enough to jumpstart their entrepreneurial drive.

Because graduation was a while ago.

And the future looks bleak.

The campaign isn't going for subtlety like these brands.

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