Bloomberg Businessweek's Disturbing Cover Sums Up Obama's Next Four Years

Many have noticed Barack Obama’s rapidly graying hair in the last four years as the presidency took its toll.

Nevertheless, Obama ran for re-election and he secured that second term in the White House last night.

And the editors at Bloomberg Businessweek think that the ageing will accelerate.

“…the road ahead for President Obama as he faces the fiscal cliff and crucial decisions for the future of the economy, business, and defence,” writes Businessweek. “The opposition remains considerable, and no matter how successful he is, the hardest job in the world will take its toll.”

From Businessweek:

obama businessweek cover

Photo: Businessweek

Just to be safe, they also made a cover for republican candidate Mitt Romney.

mitt romney businessweek cover

Photo: Businessweek


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