Apple Is Adding Yelp Check-Ins To iOS (That Everyone Will Ignore)

3dmaps ios 6

Apple is about to give Yelp another boost.

Bloomberg reports Apple’s new default map for the iPhone will let users check-in to places on Yelp without ever having to leave map application.

According to Bloomberg, iOS developers have received instructional kits from Apple which include screen shots of the Yelp check-in feature.

During Apple’s developer conference earlier this month, the company revealed that it would ditch Google maps and include Yelp’s local listings in a new Apple-designed default mapping application. That alone would give Yelp a nice grip on the local search market, which is key to Google.

By allowing Yelp check-ins from within the app as well, Apple is putting Yelp in an even better position to bring in local advertising revenue, a huge part of its business.

Of course, no one uses Yelp’s check-in service now. And even Foursquare is de-emphasising check-ins. This move by Apple and Yelp is sort of irrelevant. People don’t like to check in with Yelp. They’re even less likely to want to check-in with the world’s most valuable and powerful company.

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