THROWBACK THURSDAY: Can You recognise These Childhood Pictures Of Bloomberg Anchors

Tom Keene

On social media, it’s become popular to post pictures of your childhood for so-called “Throwback Thursday.”

In on hor of this, Bloomberg TV has shared with us childhood pictures of some of their anchors. 

Now it’s time for you to guess who they are.

Don’t worry if you can’t  recognise them, we’ve included the photos in the slides that follow to test your knowledge. 


Who is this cutie with cake on her face?

It's Emily Chang, the San Francisco-based anchor of 'Bloomberg West'.

This Bloomberg TV anchor had a classic fashion sense from an early age.

Deirde Bolton, the host of 'Money Moves' is still keeping in classy.

This anchor doesn't look to happy to be at the petting zoo.

That was Jon Erlichman, Bloomberg TV's senior West Coast correspondent.

Any guesses which Bloomberg anchor is seen playing baseball back in the day?

It's Tom Keene! That was such a great picture, too.

This probably the easiest of the bunch to figure out...

We hope you guessed Trish Regan, the anchor of 'Street Smart.'

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