Bloomberg Accuses Wall Street Protesters Of 'Trying To Destroy the Jobs of Working People'


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg slammed the Occupy Wall Street protesters in his weekly radio show, saying they would have a major impact on city finances — and hurt the workers they are ostensibly trying to help.

“What they’re trying to do is take away the jobs of people working in the city, take away the tax base that we have,” Bloomberg said. “We’re not going to have money to pay our municipal employees or anything else.”

The billionaire mayor added in his interview with radio host John Gambling that the banks are central to the city’s economy — and protesting them will only make the economic situation worse.

“Everyone’s got a thing they want to protest, some of which is not realistic. And if you focus for example on driving the banks out of New York City, you know those are our jobs … You can’t have it both ways: If you want jobs you got to assist companies and give them confidence to go and hire people.”

“The protests that are trying to destroy the jobs of working people is unproductive,” he said.

Last week, Bloomberg implied it was only a matter of time before the city tried to put an end to the protests, but offered no hints on when that would be.

“The one thing I can tell you for sure,” he said, “is if anybody in the city breaks the law we will arrest them and turn them over the district attorneys.”

He said people charged the police a few nights ago, adding, “that is just not something we’re going to tolerate, period.”

“We are trying to deal with this is a way that doesn’t make the problem grow and protects everybody’s rights… we’re trying to let this — not ‘play out,’ that isn’t quite the right word, but let them express themselves.”

Listen to the interview here:

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