'Blood Rain' May Cover The UK In Red This Weekend

Red RainRed-coloured rain

Photo: Wikipedia

Something spooky is in store for this Halloween weekend in the United Kingdom. Weather forecasters are predicting something called “blood rain,” BBC News reports. “Blood rain” does not actually involve any blood, but gets its name from the red colour of the raindrops.

So what causes the rose-coloured weather phenomenon? 

“It is a rather grandiose term for fine desert sand particles that are whipped up by winds and mix with the moisture in clouds,” a Met Office spokesman told BBC.

Storms in the Sahara desert, which is around 2,000 miles away, has stirred up sand all the way to the UK. When the sand is mixed with rain, it gives it a red colour. When the rain dries off, a remaining thin layer of dust can coat the streets, houses, and everything else in red.

Sounds like the perfect pre-cursor to Halloween.  

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