Live Streamer BlogTV links With AOL's ICQ, We Scratch Our Head

BlogTV, yet another live streaming service, has inked a promotional deal with AOL’s ICQ. BlogTV will get promoted to ICQ users and ICQ becomes BlogTV’s IM service. Users will be able to log into BlogTV with their ICQ login; any revenue derived from instant messaging will be shared. BlogTV claims 100,000 users, but like the burgeoning “how-to” segment, live streaming is full of would-be players.

There’s, which gets to stream the National Republican Convention; NY-based Mogulus, which raised $1.5 million earlier this month; and Nowlive. Just announced: Yahoo, which is launching its own video service Yahoo! Live in February.

What we don’t get: The difference between, which as far as we can tell is premised on the idea that we want to watch some shlub eating cereal, and services like Mogulus, which seem to be grown-up companies that provide back-end video services for live Webcasts. Can someone help us out?

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