Blogger's Outlook for Economy is Glum

I am part of a large group of bloggers loosely organised by the Kauffman Foundation.  We come from a very wide range of perspectives and world views.  What we share is that we write about the economy in our blogs.

Each quarter they survey us to get a read on our current outlook on all things related to the economy.

This quarter our collective mood as turned, well, rather glum. 

Only 50 per cent of respondents anticipate employment growth, a decrease of 20 per cent from second quarter.

Fully 95 per cent of respondents view current economic conditions as “mixed” or “facing recession,” an increase of 10 per cent from second quarter.

A third predict a double-dip recession during 2012.

“Uncertain” is once again the top adjective economics bloggers use to describe the economy, and respondents shared expectations of higher annual deficits and an increase in the top marginal tax rate.

You can read more about the survey here

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