Blog Comment Startup Disqus Raises Money, Adds Features

Blog comment startup Disqus has raised a $500,000 round, led by Fred Wilson of New York’s Union Square Ventures, Wallstrip co-founder/investor Howard Lindzon, Naval Ravikant, and Aydin Senkut.

What’s Disqus? An alternate app to power user comments on your blog or Tumblr site. More than 4,000 blogs use the service — and almost 60,000 commenters. What’s different? More comment management features than most blog software, filters to weed out spammers/annoying commenters, email/mobile comment replying, etc.

Disqus is also rolling out some new features today. Disqus “Beta 2” kills a lot of bugs, adds some social features, and makes things simpler for blog owners. For instance, “Community pages” are replacing the app’s confusing forums feature, and provide a page to quickly browse all of your blog’s comments. (Here’s Fred Wilson’s — he’s been using Disqus for a while on both of his personal blogs.)

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