How much everyone working on a blockbuster movie gets paid -- from $148 to $12 million

To create a blockbuster movie, from the star-studded “Furious 7” to the Harry Potter spinoff “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” studios employ hundreds of people in many different capacities.

From the lucrative contract of a lead actor to the meager payout for an uncredited extra, the salaries on the set of a blockbuster film range drastically. 

Vanity Fair created a video credit roll for a hypothetical blockbuster movie with a $200 million budget to illustrate the wide variety of jobs and salaries that go into making such a film. 

Here are some of the jobs and salaries on a blockbuster movie:

Note: The salaries listed are based on average union wages, so high-profile actors like Jennifer Lawrence or Dwayne Johnson will often make much more than the “lead actor” salaries in this list.

Watch the video below:  


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