Blockbuster (BBI): We're A Good Play In A Recession!

It’s difficult to take seriously any survey commissioned by a company in order to make the company look good. But Blockbuster (BBI) is proud to bring you new evidence that consumers, in the face of recession, will be going out less, spending more time at home in front of their television, and, most importantly, renting more movies. Release:

Consumers are planning to turn to their home entertainment centres for low-cost, stress-busting entertainment, according to a recent survey. The survey, conducted by e-Rewards on behalf of Blockbuster Inc., examines consumers’ plans for entertainment spending during tough economic times in the U.S.

80-eight (88) per cent of those surveyed indicated they planned to stay home more in an economic downturn. To stay entertained while feeling the pinch of difficult financial times, 87 per cent said they would use their home entertainment centre more.

More than three-quarters (76 per cent) of those surveyed said watching movies is a good way to get your mind off life’s problems. Close to 80 per cent (79 per cent) indicated they feel renting movies is a good entertainment value.

The conclusions of the survey are logical. But Blockbuster had better hope the people surveyed have never heard of Netflix (NFLX).

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