Here's How You Block Annoying Emails In Gmail

Have you ever recieved an obnoxious email from your colleague or spammy marketer?

If this frustrates you beyond belief, there is a great Google Chrome browser extension called Block Sender. It makes this process very easy and will prevent you from getting inundated with pointless emails.

As a fair warning, you will need to pay $US9.99 to get unlimited blocks. While that’s a small fee, its worth it to use this very convenient service. You can download Block Sender here.

Here’s how you use it.

Here’s your inbox. Once you download the extension, it will appear in the upper right corner. Right click on it access options.

These are the main options you can choose from. The filters section helps you figure out if you want to block emails from one address or from an entire domain. You’ll also be able to decide if you want to archive these emails or just delete them once they arrive in your inbox.

Now, the best feature of Block Sender is that it can create a fake error message to appear in the other persons inbox.

Once you finish customising your settings, go back to your inbox and click on the first obnoxious message you see. After you enter the email, a block button should appear at the top.

Click the block button. This screen will appear explaining that Block Sender will hide all these messages in your Archives. They won’t appear in your inbox at all.

If you mistakenly block an email, the app will give you the the opportunity to quickly undo the block under a specified time frame. In the options screen, you can set the reaction time to 10 seconds or more.

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