Inside The Secret All-Night Loft Party A Pair Of Foreigners Throw Right Under Your Nose

Inside the Blkmarket Membership Party

Photo: Photo Credit: Mariely Hernandez

New Yorkers justly consider themselves wild Americans for bars/clubs on every corner that stay open until 4:00 a.m.For the rest of the world, though, that’s kind of weak.

Enter the underground party—in this city, they’re everywhere. You know about them if you know about them, and they go on until dawn, or noon the next day, or however long the DJs feel like spinning and the dancers feel like dancing.

On Saturday night, Business Insider headed to one such party thrown for the last six years by DJs Taimer Agha and Fahad Haider. It’s called The Blkmarket Membership party. DJs come from all over the world to play guest sets, and dance junkies and music heads know about it. But you could easily miss the all-night loft party if you’re not on the right mailing list, or you’re not reading Time Out closely enough.

About 24 hours before it starts, you’ll get the location in your inbox.

Wrist stamps for the initiated

Photo: Photo Credit: Mariel Hernandez

Last weekend, the party was in a massive one-room loft in the West Village. Revelers started creeping in around midnight, guns stamped on their wrists to mark their entry.Tickets cost $25 ahead of time, and $40 if you’re buying at the door.

By 1a.m., the place was packed—packed with cigarette smoke, packed with screaming, packed with dancing. A huge screen behind the DJ booth displayed a light show with images of brilliant colours, cityscapes, and cartoon characters.

In the back of the room party-goers socialized and grabbed drinks, which cost standard New York City prices. In front of the DJ booth though, it was a no-holds-barred dance party. Blkmarket tends to draw an international crowd, and this weekend was no different, especially because the guest DJ, Scuba, is from the U.K. Walking around you could hear people speaking French, German, Spanish and other languages.

The DJs don’t speak, don’t introduce themselves, and don’t make a scene. The party is about the music, and it never thins out. On the contrary, around 5 a.m. another wave of people shows up, and they’ll keep coming until the party ends around 8:00 a.m. (or later). They’re the people who just left the bars and still can’t get enough. While New York is sleeping, and everyone else is heading home, these people will keep going until they collapse.

That’s who these parties are thrown for, really.

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