The Makers Of 'World Of Warcraft' Just Announced Their First New Franchise In 17 Years -- And You Need To Watch Its Action-Packed Trailer

Blizzard, the developer behind some of the biggest game franchises ever, including “World Of Warcraft,” “Diablo,” and “StarCraft,” just announced its first new property in 17 years.

It’s called “Overwatch.”

At BlizzCon, the company’s annual convention, Blizzard described “Overwatch” as a team-based multiplayer shooter, which features cartoonish but extremely stylised characters with a wide variety of looks, skills, and weapons at their disposal.

The best way to get to know what “Overwatch” might be is to check out Blizzard’s first trailer for the game. 

And now, check out some gameplay!

Here’s the noteworthy exposition from the trailer:

Conflict. As the world teetered on the brink of anarchy, a new hope arose. An elite international task force charged with ending the war and restoring liberty to all nations: Overwatch. Soldiers, scientists, adventurers, oddities, guardians who secured global peace for generation. Under its steadfast protection, the world recovered. And today, though its watch has ended, its soaring ideals of freedom and equality will never be forgotten.

The game will be available for PC, but there’s no word yet on other consoles and platforms that will support “Overwatch.” However, the company says the game is coming “sooner than you’d think,” and there will be a beta coming sometime next year.

We can’t wait.

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