Blizzard forces over 5,000 flight cancellations in the Northeast

As residents of the Northeast awakened on Tuesday to a heavy snowfall, the region’s airports had curtailed operations and airlines had canceled over 5,000 flights.

In the New York area, the blizzard was less severe than forecasted, but by early morning the snowfall had picked up. Teterbotro, a regional airport in New Jersey, was closed, but John F. Kennedy International, LaGuardia, and Newark International were all open, although preemptive flight cancellations meant that arrivals and departures were limited.

Nationwide, over 7,000 flights were canceled through Wednesday, according to USA Today.

Other East Coast airports, from Washington, DC to the New England regions, all saw their operations reduced by the winter weather.

In New York, the expected snowfall fell to 4-8 inches, the New York Times reported, down from the foot or more that had been feared before the storm, a late-season Nor’easter, hit early Tuesday morning.

Travellers are advised to check their airlines for updates.

This story will be updated.

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