Internal Barclays Capital Memo: "Make Every Effort" To Get To Work Tomorrow

coffee snow

This morning Barclays Capital refused to comment on their blizzard policy.

We promised we’d find out what the policy is anyway. And so we have.

Barclays is telling their workers to get into the office no matter what.

Barclays employees have been told to “make every effort” to get into the office tomorrow.

Even a breakdown of mass transportation systems won’t excuse absence. If local transportation does not work, Barclays demands its employees call their managers and make other arrangements.

They are even going so far as to book local hotels for mission critical staff.

Here’s the full policy as set forth on Barclays’ internal news system:

Snow predicted tomorrow – business as usual

The latest information from regional weather reports is that heavy snow is predicted tonight through tomorrow evening on the east coast of the US.

Our clients will continue to expect business as usual services and you should make every effort to be in the office over the coming days. If your local transportation is not operating, please speak to your line manager to agree the best course of action.

Managers can ensure suitable provision is made for business-critical staff. The process to book local accommodations for your staff will be circulated by BCM Coordinators during the day.

We will continue to monitor the situation and further updates will be provided through the intranet and Employee Information Line (+1 800 [redacted]) if the situation or advice changes.

Contact BCM Americas with any questions.

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