Some US Basketball Players Think They Are Better Than Jordan, Says A Teammate

michael jordan

There are multiple players on the USA Men’s Basketball team who think they are better than Michael Jordan, according to teammate Andre Iguodala.

As far as we can tell, he’s not joking.

Iguodala mentioned this during an interview with McClatchy’s Scott Fowler:

“[Coach K] knows who our role models are. So with our generation, if you just mention the name “Michael Jordan’ you pretty much get a reaction. Guys really tune in. He’ll talk about Jordan from the 1992 Olympics and the history of the game. We have some guys who think they’re better than Michael Jordan, so they’re going to tune in as well.”

This is a crazy quote. Generally you don’t hear anyone disrespect the “Greatest Of All Time,” more less several guys.

So who could it be?

Kobe Bryant has long been compared to Jordan, but often unfavorably, and we can’t imagine him claiming superiority until he gets six or seven rings.

LeBron James probably does think he’s better than Jordan, but again we can’t imagine him saying it.

Kevin Durant is the only other guy on the team who could hope to compare.

We don’t know if Iguodala heard players bragging or if he is making assumptions.

In any case, don’t expect anyone to be quoted on this. No one wants to risk the wrath of the fates, pundits everywhere and the hypercompetitive legend himself, who happens to be a big shot at the sportswear company that sponsors Bryant, James and Durant.

Iguodala’s comment follows several weeks of trash talk between this team and the 1992 Dream Team about which team was better.

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