A blimp fell out of the sky and burst into flames near the US Open

A blimp fell out of the sky and crashed near the US Open on Thursday.

Details of what occurred are still scarce, but eye witnesses on Twitter say the blimp caught fire and crashed in the woods near where the US Open is being held in Wisconsin.

The US Open said the pilot was injured and that emergency responders are on scene. There have been no reports of other injuries.

Police on scence said the pilot was the only person onboard the blimp, according to ESPN reporter Ian O’Connor. The pilot is alert and conscious.

The blimp, which was showing an advertisement for PenFed, was being operated by AirSign, an aerial advertising firm, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Media representatives from the US Open, AirSign, and PenFed did not immediately return Business Insider’s requests for comment. 

Witnesses captured the blimp in the final moments before it crashed:

This story is developing…

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