Blast Henry Blodget Here


Our stance on bank nationalization (pro) is triggering some flame-mail.  For every reader who bothers to flame us, of course, there are probably a half-dozen others who just click away and hope we get hit by a meteor. 

But venting is good!  So we’ve whipped out the dude-sitting-on-the-bench-above-the-dunk-tank-at-the-county-fair photo. 

Just imagine that it’s July and Henry Blodget is sitting there above the water and if you throw the softball hard and straight enough you’ll send him a-splashing.  In this case, throw the softball by flaming him and his pro-nationalization stance in the comments below. 

We’ll kick things off with an exchange Henry has been having this morning with a loyal Bank of America employee. He has to be offline for a few hours, but he’ll try to respond this evening.