Goldman Sachs CEO Bought This Massive Bridgehampton Estate For $32.5 Million

Blankfein New Hamptons House

Photo: Trulia

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are not this lucky every day.The NY Post reports that Lloyd Blankfein just bought a sprawling new 7.5 acre Bridgehampton estate for $35.5 million. He hasn’t sold his old Hamptons house but, we’re fairly certain he’s not worried about that.

The new 8,000 square foot house boasts 6.5 bathrooms, a pool and tennis court, plus plenty of space (formal living and dining room) to entertain.

We’ll be waiting for invitation to the house warming.

The area of the estate is outlined in white.

Here's the main house.

Bright rooms inside

But the real awesome thing about this house is the outdoor space.

There's tons of it!

The Post reported that Lloyd isn't an ocean guy.

So he just wanted a ton of space.

And English-looking gardens, apparently.

From garden to pool.

If Lloyd's house is your price range, you'll love this one too.

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