Blake Griffin may have a broken hand and questions are being raised about how it happened

Blake Griffin has a “suspected fracture” in his right hand and has been sent home by the Los Angeles Clippers, according to Marc Stein and Ramona Shelburne of the Los Angeles Clippers.

A source told ESPN that the injury will keep Griffin sidelined “a matter of weeks, as opposed to days.”

The injury has immediately raised questions and speculation about how the it occurred as there has been no announcement from the team and Griffin has been sidelined since late December with a quadriceps injury. Sources told Stein that the injury happened during an “undisclosed team-related incident.”

The nature of the injury and the apparent secrecy over how it happened has led to the immediate speculation that Griffin may have punched something or somebody.

The Clippers are expected to make an announcement about the injury on Tuesday.

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