Blake Garvey's Relationships Have More Volatility Than The ASX, But It's Moving To Merger And Acquisition

tenplay/ Louise and Blake in Capetown during the show.

“The most hated man in Australia”, The Bachelor’s Blake Garvey, has finally found true love and is planning to shack up with the reality TV show’s runner-up, Louise Pillidge, according to Woman’s Day.

Garvey, 31, a Perth real-estate agent, earned his notoriety after proposing to Sam Frost on The Bachelor Australia, before it emerged when the final screened three weeks ago that the pair had already separated and the jilted “winner” of the show didn’t know why.

Turns out Garvey made a mistake, canned the engagement a fortnight before the finale aired and actually had the hots for another blonde, Pillidge, 26, sending her a five-page love letter via her father, which Louise opened just before the final aired.

Hoping for better luck second time around, Garvey wrote “My one wish is that I don’t want to just be your first love, I want to be your first, last and only” Woman’s Day reveals as part of the deal the lovebirds cut with the magazine.

Apparently Garvey was thinking about Pillidge even while the ring was on Frost’s finger.

“I just never felt quite right saying goodbye to her,” he explains to the women’s mag, but understandably, he was “caught up in the moment” of choosing a life partner on national television after the exhaustive process of simultaneously snogging several women over three months.

The new couple have taken off to Thailand “away from the cameras”, although weekend reports say they had to call police after being harassed by an Australian paparazzo.

Woman’s Day published Garvey’s love letter, and says the pair plan to move in together and marriage is on the cards, while a “smitten” Pillidge gives Kahlil Gibran a run for his money by saying “True love has a way of finding you no matter what”.

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