Jaguars Quarterback Blake Bortles Could Be On Pace To Break Peyton Manning's Only Embarrassing Record

Blake Bortles JaguarsRob Carr/GettyBlake Bortles is on pace to throw 28 interceptions this season.

Peyton Manning owns two distinctive quarterback records. He recently became the all-time leader in touchdowns thrown, but he also holds the NFL record for interceptions in a season. In Manning’s rookie year with the Colts, he threw 28 interceptions.

Earlier in the season, Manning admitted he roots for rookie QBs to break his dubious record. He may have found a match in the Jacksonville Jaguars’ rookie quarterback Blake Bortles.

Through six games, Bortles has thrown 12 interceptions, two of them coming this past Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. With eight more games to go, Bortles is on pace to at least tie Manning’s interceptions record.

Things may not get easier for Bortles. The Jaguars still have play the Giants, Cowboys, and Bengals in those final eight games, with each of those three teams’ defenses currently in the top 10 in total interceptions this season.

However, if Bortles is feeling down on his luck, Manning’s career improved greatly after that season; maybe Blake’s could, too.

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