NFL Team Asks Draft Prospect About His Internet-Famous Girlfriend During Interview

At the NFL Combine in Indianapolis last week, NFL teams conducted interviews with different draft prospects.

These meetings are the closest NFL players come to a traditional job interview. But unlike Google or Facebook — which put candidates on the spot with diabolically tricky questions — NFL teams often try to stump interviewees with highly personal, and often inappropriate questions.

Dez Bryant was famously asked if his mother was a prostitute. Last year a prospect was asked if he “liked girls.”

This year, top quarterback prospect Blake Bortles was asked about his girlfriend, Lindsey Duke, who has become famous online for her bikini picture-filled Instagram account.

Bortles told Dan Patrick that one team asked him about Duke to see how he’d react.

From the Dan Patrick Show:

Interviewer: “Wait, what did they ask you about your girlfriend. If you had one?”

Bortles: “Yeah, if I had one. It was just kind of some awkward, ‘Well if we come to town will she be there for dinner?’ Stuff like that.”

Interviewer: “Wait a minute, your girlfriend’s a little famous right? She’s been on the Internet, pictures have gone viral of her. Very, very striking woman. Didn’t they do their homework on this?”

Bortles: “Yeah. They knew going into the meeting. I think that was kind of their angle, to see how I would react to it.”

That’s an awkward question. But Bortles is essentially interviewing to be a public figure, so it’s probably fair game.

They seem happy:

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