The 'Blair Witch' sequel is coming and it looks seriously good

Blair witch lionsgateLionsgate‘Blair Witch.’

“The Blair Witch Project” came out in 1999 and completely captivated the country. Its “found footage” style done on an ultra-low budget of around $60,000 ended up making $248.6 million worldwide over its box-office lifetime.

Finally, there’s a new sequel to the modern horror classic.

Yes, there was the forgettable “Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2,” but that was really only a sequel in name.

Horror director Adam Wingard (“You’re Next,” “The Guest”) has gone back to the woods where the original took place to follow a new group of kids in search of the Blair Witch.

In fact, Lionsgate, which is releasing the movie, only revealed recently that the movie is in fact a sequel to “The Blair Witch Project.”

Up until this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the movie was titled “The Woods.” People who attended the screening at Comic-Con still had no clue what the movie was really about when they showed up to the theatre.

But then people began to understand that it was in fact a “Blair Witch” sequel, which led to social media exploding after the screening. And Wingard did reveal that the movie is really titled “Blair Witch.”

Those who have seen it say the movie is scary and a great continuation of the Blair Witch story. You can see for yourself when the movie opens on September 16. Here’s the trailer from Collider.

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